Friday, April 1, 2016

Nyx Liquid Suede Review

After how many months of entertaining myself with make-up tutorials and reviews, I have finally gathered up the courage to make one myself! This is my first ever blog post about make-up so I'm gonna try my best to get this right as much as I can. 

Disclaimer: I'm no make-up artist, I just learned from tutorials and from my aunt who knows a lot about it due to her early modelling and beauty pageant career. Also, as an events host, I do my own make-up to save time and money. In my opinion, investing on make-up is one of the best decisions I have made. I must admit, I'm actually getting addicted!! Lippies make me happy. 

The moment I saw this article from about these new NYX Liquid Suede Cream Lipsticks, I knew I had to get my hands on them as soon as possible. I have always adored Nyx's soft mattes and I couldn't wait to try these new babies on. I actually asked the lady who was assisting me in Nyx (SM Megamall) what the difference was between the soft mattes and liquid suedes. According to her, the liquid suedes have a velvety texture and are more waterproof. My top three shades would be Soft Spoken, Sandstorm and Vintage. Unfortunately, Soft Spoken was out of stock so I got Cherry Skies instead. One NYX Liquid Suede lippie costs 390 PHP. 

Sandstorm is such a pretty shade! It's a warm-toned brown that would be perfect if you're going for a natural/nude look. My only concern for this shade is that it looks really light on me and it kind of makes me look washed-out, well that is if I would use it without a lip pencil. No worries! A lip pencil would do the trick, and here I'm using LA Colors lip pencil in the shade Natural.  I wasn't able to take a picture of me without a lip pencil as a base, though.

This was the shade I wasn't really planning on buying. Nevertheless, I still think it was a good buy! I could say that Cherry Skies would probably be my go-to shade for parties or events at night. It would look flattering whether you're going out in your little black dress, or in your classy white romper. I think this looks kind of similar to Nyx Soft Matte in the shade Madrid. I love reds! They make you look fierce and sophisticated at the same time. Talk about standing out! 
Feeling fierce? Vampy? Fierce and vampy? The shade Vintage is the lippie you should reach out for! It does give me that vintage 1920's vibe. What I love about this shade is that it's not too much of a dark purple shade. I could say that it's a combination of a cool toned plum and a little bit of purple. Want it darker? No problemo! It's buildable!

So far, these three shades did not disappoint. Like what I've mentioned, they give a velvety texture, which means they do not completely dry as mattes. I have already tested the shade sandstorm by wearing it for a day in school. I went with my normal routine and you can always pat on a little bit of powder after applying to set it and to avoid smearing and transferring. They are now available at SM North Edsaa Annex, SM Megamall & SM Fairview. 

That's about it for my Nyx Liquid Suede Review! Tell me what you think! 

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