Friday, May 13, 2016 Getting the best out of online shopping through cashback!

Truth be told, online shopping does get the best of us (and our pockets) most of the time. I used to be the type of person who would prefer to check the store out just to make sure that the product I’m buying is in good condition and is really what it is in person. However, the rise of online shopping made life easier by being just one click away from the product you’ve been drooling over, so I gave in! Online shopping has become one of my guilty pleasures and just when I thought it wouldn’t get any better, ShopBack made its way to the Philippines! 

ShopBack is a cashback website where you get directed to your desired online store. As you have purchased from the online store, you will get a percentage of your money back! Awesome right? It’s like ordering your favorite Frappuccino, getting additional whip cream and a discount for your drink! It’s super easy and you yourself could check it out! Go to and I’ll give you a run-through of how it works. 

Before we proceed with the steps, you might want to check this review from The Philippine Star and this one from Philippine Daily Inquirer. 

Step 1. Go ahead and create an account for free here. Make sure to fill in all the details before submitting. 

Step 2. You may now look for your preferred store in ShopBack. You will also see the corresponding cashback percentage in this window. Click on the store and you will get redirected to the store’s online site. In my case, I’ll be shopping in Sephora (obviously!) and for up to 5% cashback too!

Step 3. Begin shopping! Make sure to shop in the site you were directed to so you’re sure that the cashback is credited in your account. 

Step 4. You can check your ShopBack account for your cashback information. You will be getting your cashback within 48 hours. The amount will first show up under the Pending tab, once the merchant has approved your purchase, you will see it under the Redeemable tab. Once you have reached P300.00 worth of redeemable balance, you may now opt to cash it out to your bank account or Paypal. 

If you want to know more on how this works, click this link and you will be brought to ShopBack’s instructional page. You can also calculate how much you get in return by just putting the amount you wish to spend. 

Using ShopBack doesn’t just give allow you to shop conveniently online but it also gives you that one of a kind experience through the cashback system. In fact, it doesn’t leave you completely empty handed when you get too carried away with shopping because, hey, you also get a part of your money in return! Go check it out now so you’d get that amazing online shopping experience! 

PS. I have purchased an item in Sephora through ShopBack and I can’t wait to review it for you guys! Stay tuned! You can definitely check out all the top online stores with cashback here so you can try a whole new level of online shopping only at ShopBack

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Covergirl TruNaked Palettes Review (Goldens & Roses)

One of the hardest things to do when you're into make-up is finding the perfect eyeshadow palette that would suit both your budget and your standard. It's quite difficult to stay thrifty when it comes to finding good quality palettes that could match the high-end ones from brands such as Urban Decay, Too Faced, and Tarte just to name a few. Trust me, scavenging through different drugstore brands for a promising eyeshadow palette is not easy. 

The Covergirl TruNaked Eyeshadow Palettes come in three different kinds namely Nudes, Goldens and Roses. Since they are still not available here in the Philippines, I had to order Goldens and Roses online from where it retailed for 570 PHP.  It took me a while to actually decide on purchasing these products because I wanted to research more on it since the reviews are divided into extremes- satisfied and unsatisfied. There is no in between! I also wasn't able to get my hands on the Nudes version because it wasn't available on the store. Although, I've read that the Nudes one is probably the least favored out of the bunch. 

To be honest, I was really looking forward to this review, hoping that I could finally get some good quality eyeshadows without spending so much (a thrift tale indeed). Also, this product claims to be a dupe of the Naked Palettes. 

Alright so let's begin! I didn't put any primer or base on my arms for the swatches. 

Friday, April 22, 2016

Wet n' Wild Megalast Lipstick Swatches & Review!

I'm back with more swatches and another review, you guys! For this review, I'll be talking about five Megalast Lipstick shades from Wet n' Wild which I personally LOVE. I didn't buy five shades for nothing! Some quick details about these lippies: 1) They're matte but not drying 2) The pigmentation is amazing 3) It lives up to its name, it LASTS. It retails for P299 (local department stores) and only P150 in!

SWATCHES: (from left to right) Vamp it Up, Spiked with Rum, Rosebud, In The Flesh, Bare it All

(meh, excuse the messy hair haha)
My favorite from the bunch! I've had this for about two months now and I've been using it a lot. Bare it All is the ever so famous dupe for Mac's Velvet Teddy. For more Mac Lipstick dupes check out this video by KathleenLights. I use this shade whenever I go for a simple everyday look and this perfect brown (subtle pink) nude goes well with almost any skin tone, but it suits those with warm undertones best!

Friday, April 1, 2016

Nyx Liquid Suede Review

After how many months of entertaining myself with make-up tutorials and reviews, I have finally gathered up the courage to make one myself! This is my first ever blog post about make-up so I'm gonna try my best to get this right as much as I can. 

Disclaimer: I'm no make-up artist, I just learned from tutorials and from my aunt who knows a lot about it due to her early modelling and beauty pageant career. Also, as an events host, I do my own make-up to save time and money. In my opinion, investing on make-up is one of the best decisions I have made. I must admit, I'm actually getting addicted!! Lippies make me happy. 

The moment I saw this article from about these new NYX Liquid Suede Cream Lipsticks, I knew I had to get my hands on them as soon as possible. I have always adored Nyx's soft mattes and I couldn't wait to try these new babies on. I actually asked the lady who was assisting me in Nyx (SM Megamall) what the difference was between the soft mattes and liquid suedes. According to her, the liquid suedes have a velvety texture and are more waterproof. My top three shades would be Soft Spoken, Sandstorm and Vintage. Unfortunately, Soft Spoken was out of stock so I got Cherry Skies instead. One NYX Liquid Suede lippie costs 390 PHP. 

Sandstorm is such a pretty shade! It's a warm-toned brown that would be perfect if you're going for a natural/nude look. My only concern for this shade is that it looks really light on me and it kind of makes me look washed-out, well that is if I would use it without a lip pencil. No worries! A lip pencil would do the trick, and here I'm using LA Colors lip pencil in the shade Natural.  I wasn't able to take a picture of me without a lip pencil as a base, though.

Saturday, March 26, 2016

March Thrift Haul!

I personally love thrift shopping and I've always been a fan since my mom introduced me to Divisoria and 168 mall. This may not be true for some, but I pertain to thrift shopping when 1.) I go to boutiques which sell cheap but trendy garments and 2.) when I buy hand-me-downs from thrift shops where most of the garments are still in good condition. To be honest, the second one is my favorite because rummaging through the racks of clothing would always make me feel all giddy as if I'm about to find the needle in the haystack. Even if they sell the cheapest, there are true gems out there! Also, if you're lucky enough, you could even score branded ones. 

Going to a thrift shop was the best idea to kickstart March. Just three weeks ago, I felt the urge to visit this store in Makati and I certainly wasn't disappointed. I went home with a couple of purchases and here are two of my favorites! 

Sunday, March 20, 2016


First time performing in a big event like this! I can't believe I performed slam poetry in front of such a huge crowd, my knees were shaking! Thanks to my Lakambini Poetry family and to ILUSTRADOS for organizing such an amazing event. 

(c) Sydney Dormitorio

(c) Sydney Dormitorio

(c) Sydney Dormitorio

Sunday, March 6, 2016


Two weeks ago, I attended my third Art Fair Ph at The Link in Makati. It also marked the second time I’m going to Art Fair with my guy Syd and obviously, it has become an event we must go to every year. Art Fair 2016 did not disappoint! I have been hearing a lot of good reviews from this year’s exhibit and since we went on the last day, I couldn’t stop myself from feeling all giddy and excited.

Here are some of my faves:

Fair Isle - Martha Atienza 

Ernest Concepcion 
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