Monday, June 8, 2015

Day 1 - Pattaya, Thailand

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While I can still manage to not doze off (it's already 10pm here and I have stayed awake for 24 hours), here is a recap of my day 1 in Pattaya, Thailand. It isn't much of a winner but it's a good one to jump start my week-long stay. Also, no self portraits for Day 1! Now that's new. 

Flight at 6am and we had to leave the house at 2am, totally regretting it that I didn't even sleep. I love the taking off and the descending part of riding a plane (except for the ear pressure), because I could witness how the houses would turn into tiny boxes and vice versa. I could also see what all these geography textbooks are talking about, proving that they aren't just pictures. You don't just see that while riding a car now do you? Arrived at Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok. The weather isn't that different from Manila's, it was slightly drizzling but I was still expecting humidity in the afternoon (I've gotten used to this already, the weather in Manila is always so indecisive)

All it took was a 2-hour drive to get to Uncle Joost's place in Siam Royal View, Soi Khao Talo. It was still drizzling though it's lighty colder in Pattaya. Absolutely fell in love with this house in an instant.

Yup, that's his pool

The front porch. Look at all those plants welcoming you inside.

This is Happy. He's such a nice goldie!!! 

Finally had an itinerary for the day. We drove a bus to Central Festival Mall. The mall is literally facing the beach, talk about meeting both ends! 

We ambled for a short while inside, looked through some stores and ate at the food court. We waited for a really long time before the bus could fetch us again. We were all so tired that we had to sit on the staircases to catch sneaky zzz's. 

The bus ride back to uncle Joost's place was a relief. Napping would be great, but instead I was looking at Pattaya's night life through the window. There were tons of tourists along the streets and inside hot pink lighted bars. It was also interesting how they have see-through massage spas. I don't think I'd be relaxed that way, but I also think people just eventually get used to it.

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