Sunday, June 14, 2015

Day 5 - Bangkok, Thailand

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Tip #2: don't forget to buy a mobile sim with internet while you're still inside the airport! It's the best option there is if you don't want to end up like me in the morning of Day 5. On my lap were 2 phones, 2 sims, and 2 manuals with only one page written in English. Great. I tried configuring everything by myself with a little help from some people (who, lucky for them, already got their sims configured in the airport) but I eventually gave up. I went to the hotel information area and the lady did help a lot. Tip #3: don't hesitate to ask help! The sim was already working (for texts and calls) and I was already able to explore Bangkok with Ate Aika while my parents are having their training in Impact Convention Center, sadly though, still no internet for me.

Okay, rewind!! Before ambling around Bangkok with Ate Aika, we first had a city tour to the Jewelry shop, Leather shop, and Art in Paradise Interactive Art Museum. (Haha I don't feel like including photos of me in Art Paradise for my Day 5 blog post)

Cool 3d paintings

Now to the fun part! The bus dropped everyone off at Impact Convention Center for the training (30 minutes to 1 hour drive) so Ate Aika and I met there then took a cab back to Bangkok. She took me to some malls since I haven't been to any yet here in their main city. We found gold! We passed by H&M in Siam Paragon mall and saw that they were having a 50% to 70% sale, and we were sure that we weren't letting the chance slip away. 

Afternoon stroll: STREET FOODS!

Customized gift

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