Sunday, June 14, 2015

Day 4 - Bangkok, Thailand

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Left Pattaya at around 12nn and arrived at our hotel at 2pm. I found Bangkok really similar to Manila; the traffic, the houses, the type of cars used, the city life, and a lot more. The adjustment I found the hardest was that the conversations I had with the locals were really limited since there's a language barrier. Nevertheless, I still tried: "Tao rai ka" means how much, "Lot nai mai" means discount, "Hong nam" means toilet, and "Mai pet" means no spice.

Asia Hotel

Our first day in Bangkok was mostly composed of shopping. I couldn't let myself miss the opportunity to get some good buys. Nope, no holds barred! I remember buying jeans from online shops for 650 to 750 pesos... I saw the same brand in Pratunam market for only 180 baht! (288 pesos!!) I swear, I was enjoying too much. Tip #1: always convert your peso to dollars first, then exchange the dollars to baht, it would save you more money. Also, 100 dollars is more than enough for your ultimate shopping experience! I got 17 pieces, and I still have cash left. 

Pratunam Market

First time to ride a tuktuk 

After the tiresome (but fulfilling) experience, we treated ourselves with Thai cuisine in a restaurant named "Friends" near our hotel.

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