Sunday, January 4, 2015

Year Starter

     The year 2014 was one heck of a ride. It was a year of transition since I spent most of the months as a college froshie. Graduating from high school was tough, I was torn between spending most of my time trying to graduate with flying colors and spending the last moments in high school with the people I’ll surely miss. Just like all other changes that came in my life, transitioning from high school to college wasn’t really as easy as I thought it would be. I was definitely looking forward to a smoother ride, little did I know that there was no such thing. The stomach-churning and nauseating journey, however, was worthwhile all because of the wonderful people I met and the new experiences they shared with me. Also, I’m more than grateful to those who stuck by me for a couple years already and still counting, my life buddies who never fail to serve as my support tanks, drawbacks, and catapults. How could I ever forget, there’s a Syd who made my year extra special and I can’t wait to spend more awesome years with this guy.


     Twenty fourteen for me was a stretched one. Up to now, I couldn’t even imagine how all those things happened in between. The opportunities and the chances that I had, well I didn’t even see them coming my way. It was such a bliss, a good one, the one that swept me right off my feet, brought me back up higher and made me want to live life better. I started last year pretty hopeful and I wasn't disappointed. Now, I’m starting 2015 by claiming it as a superb one. I’ll be making sure of that. :) 

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