Saturday, October 24, 2015

Bali 2015: Photo Blog (DAY 2)

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Mercure Beach, Nusa Dua

Nusa Dua

Kuta, Bali
there's a separate lane for motorcycles in their highway system
Kuta Market

Kuta Market
Canang Saris placed on the ground outside their shops as an offering to their gods to assist them in life and to drive out evil
this kid who was running around Kuta Market was picked up by his mother- I didn't hesitate to capture a photo of such a vibrant soul!
Balinese locals definitely love painting 

taken at Kuta Surfing 
Kuta Surfing
Kuta Surfing
taken at Kuta Surfing
a rite being done right beside the street 
Markets and Restaurants
Cultural presentation while having dinner

Bali 2015: Photo Blog (DAY 1)

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Dewa Putu Toris 
Live painting in Dewa Putu Toris 
Monkey roaming around Uluwatu Water Temple
Another one!
Sunset view at Uluwatu Water Temple
Below us was the raging sea

Another breathtaking view at the Uluwatu Temple
Dewa Putu Toris 
inside Mercure Hotel 
From the bus
Live sketching at Dewa Putu Toris 
Most of the Balinese people are Hindu, there are lovely temples of different sizes everywhere you go
Outside Dewa Putu Toris 
Mas Village Wood Carving
Mas Village Wood Carving
Mas Village Wood Carving
Mas Village Wood Carving
Mas Village Wood Carving
Mas Village Wood Carving
Filipino inspired bukirin at Ubud
Where we had our lunch
On our way to Uluwatu Water Temple

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Cebu 2015: Photo blog

1. St. Michael Archangel Parish in Argao Cebu (built in the 17th century)

2. A silhouette of the Parish. Mom can't get enough of this view. It reminds her so much about her childhood.

3. He literally smiled for the camera. Cute!! 

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Day 7 - Bangkok, Thailand

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This morning trip topped it all off! We were finally able to visit temples including Wat Pho, where the reclining buddha lies. I was in awe of how these temples were designed. They all had such intricate details with vibrant colors. I don't think I'll be over to get over this easily. Enjoy the eye feast, everyone!

One big reclining buddha up close

Day 6 - Bangkok, Thailand

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Ease Cafe inside Impact Convention Center was my home for the day. Since I was just a tag-along and my parents together with everyone else in the trip had a training to prioritize, I had to find ways not to get bored while I was waiting. Good thing Impact provides wifi cards so I bought one that could last me 7 days even if we were already leaving for Manila after two days (50 baht for one day and 90 baht for two days? I would also be doing this tomorrow so why not spend 90 than spending 100, makes sense??)

Ease Cafe

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