Wednesday, December 24, 2014

bonne vie & bonne amour

The moment you first made me feel like there were stars exploding inside my stomach, I was sure that I wouldn't look at night skies the same way again.

Among the other distant planets, it seemed like I was only created for you to thrive on.

If that's the only reason why we're co-existing, then I'm honored to have met you.

You make my knees weak like snow penetrated three layers of clothing during winter.

This time, the cold is more welcoming

because you're the only season that comes with the feeling of wanting to be alive.

You're the spring that blooms over my head when the sun's always awake.

It makes me see more of your ways.

You're the smell of dew that shackles every sleepy soul.

You're the bonne vie & bonne amour


An edited version of something I wrote

him called A Letter to You in Broad Daylight.
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