Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Korea 2014! (Day 1-4)

DAY 1 

Arrival at Incheon Airport
First meal in Korea! Perfect shabu-shabu experience

On our way to Welli Hilli Park Ski Resort 

Rented ski gears!

I had 4 layers of clothing... First time to sweat in Korea despite the cold weather because skiing was such a struggle

This is too beautiful

Thumbs up for Day 1! :)


Lotte World Adventure!
Dad and I playing around with the 3D Paintings 

The indoor theme park is huge! Went shopping at Dongdaemun after Lotte World 

 DAY 4

An eye feast for me. Korea is just beautiful!

Historical Tour at one of their oldest Palaces 

Watched a musical named "The Drawing Room", a play of  lights, music and drawing that greatly exceeded my expectations. This is indeed a unique show, truly unforgettable!


Namsan Park
It was really cold up there!
I personally love this view
Dad, literally embracing the moment

Went to Seaweed Museum, tried on their traditional costume! Haha

     I couldn't even fathom how the weekend went by so fast. This Korea trip was a lot of firsts for me, and yes I couldn't even forget my first encounter with snow! Aside from the places we visited, I just couldn't help but enjoy the simplest things that I witnessed during the trip. The colorful falling leaves, the cold weather I enjoyed so much because I finally had the chance to wear winter clothes, the friendly people, shabu-shabu and lots of kimchi, special bonding time with my family in such a beautiful place, walking along the streets of Seoul with a cup of hot cinnamon drink, seeing all those cafes in every corner of the streets, learning about their history, having wifi access wherever, wide roads and so much more. I'm surely looking forward to revisiting Korea again. 

"Travelling is like thriving into other people's reality and leaving yours"

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