Tuesday, November 4, 2014


Instagram Haul! 

Chain necklace from @fashionspicemanila - it's such a statement piece! I love how it could add class and style to such a simple and basic outfit. It's a must have! 

Tote bag from @stylesnap - aside from its simplicity, this AA tote bag is pretty convenient to carry around. It also adds style to a basic outfit which I think is great 

Jeans from @vanillaskyonlineshop - need I say more? I love this Topshop inspired Joni Jeans! This piece fits me so well that I'm enticed to get more items from them. The shade is pretty plus it's comfortable and stylish! 

Back to basic with this outfit! A basic top with highwaist jeans and top it off with a bling, you're good to go. Don't forget that flannel wrap around which really comes in handy under this crazy weather! 

I'm glad I was able to shoot again for the blog. I realized that no matter how hard it gets, or how your schedule could get really tight, the good thing about college is that you get to squeeze in the things you love doing in between time slots. In my case it's writing plus blogging plus media productions (Always thankful for my org slash family, DLSU GMG for making this happen). College may be tough, but you can always have fun as long as you're doing whatever you love doing. 

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