Sunday, September 21, 2014


Pink laced kimono from Revolution9 || Black tank top from Forever21 || Skater skirt from Terranova

 Believe it or not, I got this laced kimono only for 100 bucks! I must say, I think I inherited my mom's radar when it comes to sale and marked down prices. I love how laced pieces are really breezy. It doesn't go beyond the boundary of it being a hassle since it's always a comfortable choice. Also, I'm in love with the paleness of this piece! The top I'm wearing isn't really haltered, it's a black tank- well if you want to achieve a certain look, you have to be creative. I got my skirt and these pair of booths on sale too! Not bad eh? Also, if you want to know more about my necklace, here's a blog post I did before: (I did alter it in some way. How? I'm leaving that to your imagination haha). By the way, I'm planning to blog about t-shirt alterations. I've got some tees that I'm not using that much anymore, which means I'll be doing another DIY blog post!

We have such an unpredictable weather here in the Philippines. As what I have usually mentioned in my past blog posts, it's really hard to dress for the weather especially when you know it could really get a wee bit bipolar. I hope everyone's safe, though! And I'm praying that our country could be more prepared when we experience typhoons. My heart goes out to those who have been affected, it gets really tough, but our faith will keep us holding on (plus our very own bayanihan which is always present in times of need).

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