Friday, August 22, 2014

Life in Transit

(c) Robbie Maroon

Change. Transition. 

Who would have thought that high school life was that fast? Yes, we've heard people tell us that we wouldn't even realize it until it's almost over. Next thing you know, you're already preparing for college. When you wake up the next morning, it's already your first day as a frosh. Then, you wouldn't be able to know what to feel when you've already spent 3 months with your blockmates and your first term is almost over. Since college life is a little bit too fast in DLSU because of the trimestral system, I must admit that the transition wasn't that bad after all. It took me days before actually getting used to not having the same classroom for the whole day, having a flexible schedule, meeting new people, acquiring that org dedication, feeling the school spirit, getting acquainted with the campus, knowing where to eat, learning how to spend freecuts and of course figuring stuff on your own. Also, I'm still in the zone of getting comfortable with commuting since college life means a whole new level of discovery and independence. Even though these changes happened, I could say that things still aren't completely sinking in. 

I still do find myself wondering what could have happened if there was a point in my life wherein I didn't make the same decision or I chose another track. Out of all the options that I had, what are the odds of being able cross paths with the awesome people I met in college. Nothing will ever be the same. It's amazing how it seems like everything was planned out beforehand when in fact it all depended on the choices I've made.

(c) Robbie Maroon

I'm thankful that the transition may have changed me in a way where I became more open-minded with the possibilities of more good things to look forward to, but at the same time, the people I spent most of my days with still remained. I feel blessed that I was given such an awesome bunch of high school batchmates and classmates who I now pertain to as a family. A draw-back that reminds me of where I came from and the past that made me into who I am today. 

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