Friday, July 18, 2014


            Since I wanted to do something new, I decided to rummage through my mom’s reservoir of unused accessories, hoping that I'd find hidden treasures even if the chances are small. I’ve been getting into grunge fashion lately and luckily, I found tons of stuff that I would be able to use. I didn’t even know she owned these pieces! I’m quite thankful that we’re both okay with sharing clothes and accessories, who knows maybe I could make her wear grungy outfits too (I’m totally kidding, but why not?). I’ve noticed that people are getting into crystals, stones, minerals, pendants, etc. and I must say, I find them really pretty. Not bad for a change of taste, eh? However, I do know that these could be more than just blings; some people wear these because of certain beliefs and I do respect that. I actually am curious and I guess I’d be doing some research (aka link clicking) about them. 

On a side note, these aren't just for grunge fashion, some would be a little more on the bohemian, vintage, or minimalist side. 

1.) chokers with pendants

The last one's my fave!

- a closer look - 
2.) plain black chokers without pendants 

Really classy and minimal

- a closer look - 
3.)  stone-like beads (usually dark colored)

I love the details on these two

- a closer look -
4.) multi-layered necklace 

it makes me wanna go to coachella lol

- a closer look -
 5.) arm candies!!  

the best part is that you get to mix and match them 

here's another set
- a closer look -

it looks old, but I seriously think that's a good thing 

the one on the lefttmost has amazing tribal details on it

- a closer look -

Well that’s about it. I think these are just lovely. I can’t wait to add more to this collection, seriously! Who wouldn't fall in love with these gorgeous babes? I’ll probably be wearing these more often, stay tuned for outfit posts! 

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