Sunday, June 29, 2014

Blanc Délicat

“Dainty White”
            I’ve sort of noticed that I’m starting to love this kind of white. I love how dainty and subtle it is, that somehow it gives off a classier look than the usual white (plus, it looks vintage to me). I seldom blog when I’m in flats, maybe because I thought only statement shoes are blog-worthy. I realized that I really shouldn’t underestimate the power of flats because most of the time, they give emphasis to the pieces you’re wearing. Also, black flats look great in almost everything.

I think I got that bangle from Hongkong… I haven’t really found the perfect pieces that would go best with that bangle, I’m kind of still in the process of experimenting. Oh and it’s actually been a while since I wore that ring so I totally forgot where and when I bought it (or was it given to me?).             

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