Monday, April 14, 2014

Read, Write and Listen

     READ. The Time Traveler's Wife by Audrey Niffenegger.
       I remember buying this book for just a hundred bucks or less from my favorite Booksale store and it's such a good buy. I know most of you guys might have read this already (or have probably watched the movie) but I just can't let this precious thing slip away. It's a thick one with around 500 pages but as I was reading it, I noticed that it doesn't seem that lengthy at all and the plot is really worth the read. Due to the unique plot and the sudden twists and turns of the settings, I had a hard time analyzing Henry and Clare's situation at the beginning of the story. I ignored the fact that I was quite puzzled and continued on reading- well as of now I can't even let the book down. As a matter of fact, my habit of reading different books simultaneously (not literally) stopped because I felt the need to focus on this one. I'm not yet finished with it but I'm already thinking of maybe writing a review. 

     WRITE. Evernote.

Evernote software interface

      Evernote is a smartphone app which enables you to have your own virtual notebook wherein you can take down notes or write stuff on the go and organize them accordingly. I have been writing on my Iphone's notes and it is really not that effective for me. Also, I used to utilize Ms Word for write ups, stories, or blogposts but since I recently downloaded the Evernote software, it seemed like I'd be migrating there for good. It syncs documents within your gadgets and it works as a software to keep track of schedules as well. 

      LISTEN. Spotify.

       Here's another app that I am in love with (If you're into indie music as well then you're gonna love it as much). Spotify offers a whole bunch of different playlists that will suit your current mood. It suggests tracks and plays music on shuffle mode. However, you need to have a wifi connection to use spotify- well unless you upgrade to premium and download playlists so you could listen even without the wifi. This is really genius, I used it for once during an overnight in a resort (see previous post) and it's amazing how I was able to listen to playlists such as "Morning Commute" while on the road, "Song for Sunsets" while enjoying the view, "Your Favorite Coffee House" and even "Evening Acoustics" during the chilly night. You could also listen to old tunes from the 70's or maybe latest Part Mixes, EDM, and Holiday tracks depending on the playlist that you think suits best. There is actually, a playlist for everything and YES, there is a "Songs to Sing in the Shower"  playlist. 

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