Monday, February 24, 2014


            It was around 2 weeks ago when I first knew about the Art Fair 2014 happening here in the Philippines. Well, I saw the banners along the streets of Ayala. Makati is indeed a city of vast improvement when it comes to being the Central Business District and one thing that makes me admire this city more is that it never forgets to showcase genuine Filipino talent when it comes to art. As a teenager who has budding passion for art, I swore to myself that I would never miss this opportunity to witness great works from exceptional artists and to be inspired while I’m in the midst of those who appreciate art as much as I do (more than I do, so to say).

            Well unfortunately for some reasons I assumed that cameras won’t be allowed inside, so these pictures were taken from my Iphone. My big ass camera could have been the perfect company, but I have to admit that the quality of the pictures taken with a smart phone is quite impressive.

Here are my favorites: 

"Lady Pickles" by Luis Lorenzana
"il Custode del cuore Sanguina" by Jon Jaylo

work by Marina Cruz

One of Joy Mallari's "Illuminations"

"Slum Architecture I" by Renato Barja Jr.

"Where it Starts It Ends Where It Starts" by Francesca Balaguer-Mercado

One of Gene Paul Martin's "Sleep Walker"

One of Eugenia Alcalde's "Cradle"

"Sky Light" by Erwin Leano

Jay Ticar's works

"Pathaway" by Sarah Geneblazo

"Which way do I go?" by Daniel Dela Cruz


  1. The Art Fair was all sorts of pretty! <3 Anyhoo, thanks for following Awesome in Manila! Great to come across young bloggers as yourself. :)

  2. It was really amazing, I'm planning to go to Art in The Park this March 23.
    Thank you :)


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