Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Turning Snakes into Ladders

     T  U  R  N  I  N  G   S  N  A  K  E  S   I  N  T  O   L  A  D  D  E  R  S

     Reader, you’re about to witness a realization of an adolescent who has traveled through her memory lane only to find a sudden life changing insight. Board games are a big portion of a person-born-in-my-generation’s childhood memory. I was fond of playing “Snakes and Ladders” together with my friends way back when I thought losing the game was the worst thing that could happen to my life. The game allows you and your opponents to start with square one and as the game proceeds, you get to roll a dice when it’s your turn. You only have three fates: to move forward, to land on a ladder and climb up in order to reach square 100, and to land on a snake and move backwards- the first one who finishes wins. I used to whisper desperate prayers to the dice I was rolling, hoping that I wouldn’t land on a snake. Well, if only I could turn those snakes into ladders instead. Guess what? In life, you are allowed to do so. Life as we know it is filled with snakes that could pull you down until you get stuck in despair, little did I know that the struggles I have faced in life could serve as a ladder for me to reach indescribable happiness and success.

     Lizzie Velasquez during one of her motivational talks opened up about how she took all the bullying she experienced as something that could make her successful, and I quote, “You know what? Tell me all of those negative things, I’m gonna turn them around and use them as a ladder to climb up to my goals”. Think of it like this, Lizzie has a medical condition wherein she could not, in any way, gain weight no matter how hard she tries. She couldn’t see from her right eye and she is noticeably thinner and smaller than an average person. If she has turned all the negatives into positives, imagine your capabilities in doing the same thing considering that you are living a normal life. In changing the way you think and the way you perceive life, you are creating a great impact to your future. The decisions that you make, whether you would rather stay in the void of negativity you have succumbed into or turn them into resources and motivation in fulfilling your dreams are the “now’s” that build up your future. The “Snakes” in your life are not only the bullies you see every day in school, it may be a mistake that you’ve done or the wrong decision that you’ve made. Failed a test? Instead of hating yourself for not preparing enough, take it as a challenge in doing better next time. Overcooked a dish during your first attempt in cooking something that’s actually edible? Hey, let it teach you a lesson and learn from it. Someone told you that you “can’t”? Don’t let it be the end of everything, this should trigger you to reach beyond your limits because once you have decided to do whatever it takes, you have already turned that snake into a ladder, that can’t into can.

     At this moment, you are currently playing this board game. The only difference is that, you are in control of the dice and as you roll it, it obeys your will and shows whatever side you want. This time, you get to decide on whether you’d make lemonade out of the lemons that life gives you or you’d rather squirt the lemons in your eyes and suffer. The struggle that you are experiencing as of the moment will only be worth it if you use it as something that will make you a better person and that will make you live a better life or otherwise, you’re just wasting your time because you’re playing the wrong game. Your only opponent is yourself. Fight against the urge to drown in misery. Now is your turn to roll the dice.

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