Thursday, December 19, 2013

words are like people

     I think I may be obsessed with words, for real. It started when I was reading this book that had tons of unfamiliar words in it and I had to search it on my mobile dictionary. For future references, I screen captured every vocabulary word that I searched. As I read on from a book to another, my vocabulary collection started filling up the space on my phone's memory, and it would be so weird if people rummaging through my phone gallery would see more of it than my actual pictures! I decided to download this app called "KeepSafe" where I could store them there without bothering my usual phone gallery. Although I'm quite sure that it's the reason why the storage capacity is pretty much always on red, hopefully I could still fit more music in there!

     More than the curiosity within me, I feel like these words are so interesting. I'm still working on practicing them as a good tool for my write-ups although I'd rather not use them that often since I'm trying to keep them at a certain level of comprehensiveness; I myself is having a hard time in remembering them. I am so fond of them, I mean I know it's weird but I'm starting to realize that these words to me are as interesting as some of the people that I have come to meet. When you feel like a person like that is not just merely a figure of human anatomy but you know that there is something in them that is worth knowing, worth staying for. They have some things to share and day by day you acquire them; well it may be music, ideas, jokes, books, stories that you haven't heard before.

     You've realized that they are as interesting as the words you have just discovered and at first glance they are unfamiliar to you but that unfamiliarity makes you curious, then that curiosity leads you to how interesting that person really is. A word having a distinctive meaning and structure that makes it feel like it's well combined to create a word, just as when a person's characteristics compliment the looks, vice versa. If only you could easily keep that person in a mobile app, reality says you cannot. That's what makes it hard, the fear that it's one of a kind. Will you come across the same person again? Probably not, no two words in the world are identical, no two words are the same but you will always have that certain favorite word that you will never forget.

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