Monday, December 30, 2013

How to end 2013? Ready, Get Set, Let Go

"We must be willing to let go of the life we've planned, so as to have the life that is waiting for us"
- Joseph Campbell

Today's the last day of the year. I strikes me in a nostalgic way, time surely flies fast when you're having fun. Well I've had a lot of unforgettable moments and table-turning misfortunes but all together.. they were a fantastic combination that surely made my 2013 worth it. It also excites me in a way because hey, guess what? I'll be in college in a few months! 


I'm sure you've been throwing away the things you own that you don't use anymore in preparation for the coming year. It took me days to completely sort out what's staying and what's not. I've collected a couple of items that brought me back to those "good old days" and it reminded me that they all happened for a reason. A bracelet? Photobooth pictures? Old perfumes? Souvenirs? Old shirts? Old notebooks? Written poems and write-ups? Unfinished planner? They all took part in a special way and it feels good to know that you have something to rummage into soon enough in the future.

Thank the people who shared these memories with you, whether it was good or bad. Reconcile with those you've hurt and make sure it's sincere, not just for the sake of it. A (genuine) fresh start is always better. 

Get Set

Now that you're ready, it's just a matter of conditioning. What are your plans for 2014? Any new year's resolutions? A planner is always nice, especially when you know you've been all over the place for the past year; a planner will help you organize and take note of the things you have to remember whether they're short term or long term goals. What if you're not a planner type of person? It's okay! A planner would be useless if you're not really into using one, get into something that you really love doing and make that your own planner.

Becoming a better person doesn't depend on what material you use, it will always be up to you and your passion, your enthusiasm, your efforts, your faith and the positive vibes you surround yourself with. 

Let Go

If you believe that this year will be better then it will be better, but in order for that to happen you have to let go. Let go of the things that are not worth keeping so that you'll have more space for the good things that are yet to come. How will good things happen when you don't have enough capacity in you to welcome changes and new opportunities because you're too occupied with the past? Let go. 


Embrace 2014! Live it and be excited about it! Your new year's resolutions aren't there for you to just write them down and broadcast them to facebook or twitter- do it! Make it last. Not just for the first few weeks of the year, make it last until you've grown into it and the change is already taking its effect on you. 

Happy New Year everyone! Start fresh and I wish you guys all the best. God Bless :)
- Kam 

Thursday, December 19, 2013

words are like people

     I think I may be obsessed with words, for real. It started when I was reading this book that had tons of unfamiliar words in it and I had to search it on my mobile dictionary. For future references, I screen captured every vocabulary word that I searched. As I read on from a book to another, my vocabulary collection started filling up the space on my phone's memory, and it would be so weird if people rummaging through my phone gallery would see more of it than my actual pictures! I decided to download this app called "KeepSafe" where I could store them there without bothering my usual phone gallery. Although I'm quite sure that it's the reason why the storage capacity is pretty much always on red, hopefully I could still fit more music in there!

     More than the curiosity within me, I feel like these words are so interesting. I'm still working on practicing them as a good tool for my write-ups although I'd rather not use them that often since I'm trying to keep them at a certain level of comprehensiveness; I myself is having a hard time in remembering them. I am so fond of them, I mean I know it's weird but I'm starting to realize that these words to me are as interesting as some of the people that I have come to meet. When you feel like a person like that is not just merely a figure of human anatomy but you know that there is something in them that is worth knowing, worth staying for. They have some things to share and day by day you acquire them; well it may be music, ideas, jokes, books, stories that you haven't heard before.

     You've realized that they are as interesting as the words you have just discovered and at first glance they are unfamiliar to you but that unfamiliarity makes you curious, then that curiosity leads you to how interesting that person really is. A word having a distinctive meaning and structure that makes it feel like it's well combined to create a word, just as when a person's characteristics compliment the looks, vice versa. If only you could easily keep that person in a mobile app, reality says you cannot. That's what makes it hard, the fear that it's one of a kind. Will you come across the same person again? Probably not, no two words in the world are identical, no two words are the same but you will always have that certain favorite word that you will never forget.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Useless wax on the floor?

Failing is a step closer to success

     Whatever you do, there's no way that you could achieve something without working hard for it. While in the process of reaching your goals, you will surely encounter a series of unfortunate events which simply means that your attempts would not always be successful; there are times when you would be making mistakes and these shouldn't hinder you from trying again. I have been in this kind of situation for a couple of times already. I tend to give up on things in which I have already failed in, thinking to myself this thing might "not be for me" or "I'm not good at this", or maybe looking down on myself with a "you're so stupid for trying" look. After the "self-pity" moments, I gain nothing but stress and in exchange, I lose hope.

     I was left with nothing, since I gave up on almost everything that I loved doing and it came to a point where I literally stopped doing those little by little and I got used to routines that went on for days, redundant useless unproductive routines. I missed everything. I missed myself. I was once an ignited candle that never melts that turned into a splatter of useless wax on the floor. Stuck. I had a hard time trying to sculpt myself up again.

     That is the thing with failing, we tend to label it with all sorts of negative thoughts when it fact these are all just misconceptions. Failing doesn't make you less of a person, it shouldn't discourage you or stop you from the things that you are passionate about, it shouldn't be the reason for your candle to remain unlit while ironically you're melting yourself with your own perspective.

     Same goes for trying. Let's say for instance, you tried cooking for the first time. You were so passionate about it and you felt like cooking really is your "cup of tea", but then when it was time for you to taste and evaluate your own dish, it turned out that it doesn't even taste good! You felt upset and disappointed because you were expecting so much from yourself. You stopped cooking, and you swore to yourself that you'd never cook again. A splatter of useless wax on the floor. On the other side, what could have happened when you took things constructively and when all this time you knew what failing really means? You wouldn't stop, you would actually try again until you've reached the standard you have set. Your dish would be your masterpiece, and you believe that there is more to your capability so you explore and you open yourself to changes.
    These failures should teach us something, and trying shouldn't be taken as a waste of time. Stop being too hard on yourself and be patient with yourself. You will bank on your progress and progress will only happen if you constantly try and practice on what you're good at. Likewise, choose the things that are worth spending time on, better ask the questions "what would I get from this?" and "is this what I really love doing?" first before anything else. Remind yourself that it's okay to fail and that you should allot sufficient time in doing what you love, keep that passion in you and everything would turn out great in the end. Nothing worth having comes easy :)

Sunday, December 8, 2013


Meow top - Noel Bazaar
Orange heels - Noel Bazaar
Aztec leggings - Cherish, US

The question is not "How far will I still have to go?" but "How far have I gone?"

                       It's all about chasing the right dreams. There are times when we get blinded by the pressure that is present in our surroundings and these pressure causes us to rush our dreams. I mean, let's face it, we can't have success in an instant! At times, we tend to feel sorry about ourselves when we don't get what we want or maybe when things don't go well as planned. Why fuss? You are in the state of growing, therefore you should be patient with your progress and other people's progress as well.


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