Monday, September 23, 2013

What I have always wanted

To meet someone who writes willingly with his own heart. 

I have always wanted to be described in someone else's perspective. It's not that I want to be someone who is worth writing about, I am already contented with myself, it's just that it would be an honor to meet someone who does not just think about you all the time but also struggles to find the perfect words to describe you and later on succeeds by creating a written masterpiece of his own.

Time will soon pass by without the both of us noticing and as we travel through the ticking of the clock he would already memorize me. He would notice every detail from the tip of my hair to the way I blink. By then, he would be able to see through my soul and distinguish whether I am okay or not, by just looking at my eyes and without me saying a single word. He would remember the details.

I would love to be described not just by the words that will come out from his mouth. I would love to hear him say such, but here's the thing, our mind cannot grasp every single thing that we hear. We may remember some but not everything, and I would regret missing even the slightest detail of what he just said to me. So I would prefer it written, and I prefer that someone to be a writer.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

New Reads


Velvet dress (dark blue), Mid-Heel Pumps from Korea

Idiosyncrasy - A structural or behavioral characteristic peculiar to an individual or group.

We are all idiosyncratic in a way. We all have characteristics or mannerisms that seems normal to us but appears peculiar to other people. 

     Nowadays, we tend to disregard people who has noticeable characteristics that are different from the majority. Instead of accepting each other's differences, it seems like there is a society based standard that dictates what's beautiful and what's not, what's in and what's out. I believe it is the reason why people tend to fit in, setting aside their true selves and prioritizing what the society wants to see. We feel like there is a need for us to belong, because the fear of being alone, of being the "odd one out" exists.

     If only our eyes wouldn't just do all the work, if only we aren't that judgmental. Yes, "we" because I myself is guilty of this and as much as I want to take all the judgmental words that I have said, I couldn't, and as much as I wanted to avoid being judged as well, I just couldn't. In fact, no one could. If only we could see the beauty in everything, just like how God sees things. His love is never ending, no matter how different other people say we are, no matter how "odd" and "weird" other people think we may be, He will lift us up, He will look at us with great love in a way so special that we are not just touched, but changed.

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