Wednesday, August 21, 2013


write-up that was made months ago on my phone's memo, I don't know why I haven't published it yet. Dati pa to- hindi na siya applicable ngayon haha. I'm happy now. 

A month ago - RECOVERY

You can be good and broken at the same time. You can play fair then leave a tricky scheme for them to solve. You can smile in the morning then maybe cry at night. You can fly but then sooner or later you'd be looking for land and you'll be bringing yourself back to the ground. You can go on and still do good or maybe even better, still with a worn out piece of inner self. It serves as your motivation, and I call that recovery.

No one recovers with a fix self; what is the use of recovering when you've already moved on? I would rather think this way, that every day is a day of recovery and I'm in the process of feeling whole again.. not just good or better, but whole when there's no need to pretend. It gives me the drive to go on and do better every time I have the chance to. Thank God for recovery.

A month and a half ago? I guess - LONELY IN THE HAPPIEST WAY >

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