Wednesday, August 28, 2013

How am I? :)

I’d love to say I’m feeling superb and good like how I answer everyone who asks me the same question. That is because, we can’t be transparent to people at all times.


     No, drama pertains to something done on stage. This is not a silly play, it is not scripted. It’s life. Woops there goes reality, you got slapped hard? Haha, well if you’re someone who couldn’t fathom such, don’t read the rest anymore. Get real. Good bye.

     Hello again to those who decided to read on, you’re lucky that you have a part in there that still feels. You’re not scared of feeling and facing such emotions. You’ve accepted life as we know it, being all topsy-turvy, giving us lemons, giving us things to be happy about, giving us problems and challenges and it’s a cycle. It is a cycle.

     A lot has been happening, and I bet most of the people I talk to are aware. Nagtataka nga sila bakit pag kinukwento ko, hindi nila nakikita yung lungkot. Minsan kasi yung mga tao sa paligid mo nanghihina na yung loob. They draw strength from the one who stays positive, they need someone to tell them that everything’s going to be okay someday, and that happens to be me. My parents draw strength from me and I have to live up to that state. I don’t want people to be checking on me when I cry, so as much as possible, I don’t. Once I do, we would all be weak and tired and facing on a blank wall. There should be at least someone who’s willing to remain still, right?

     But that doesn’t mean that that someone is still at all times. Hindi lahat ng matatag at malakas ang loob, walang palya. I’m guilty. Lately I’ve been losing focus, I’ve been allowing things to bother me and the walls that I’ve built are slowly falling brick by brick. I want to continue this by saying “Pero okay lang, kasi kaya ko naman and that’s life and we have to be strong and have faith and this and that bla bla bla” just like how I used to do it but this time would be different. This write-up itself shows vulnerability and I myself am removing all the bricks left on my wall one by one.


      I want to know if he’s okay, I want to know where he is right now, I want him to go back home and say he misses us too, I want to hug him and say that I’m sorry for not being the best sister, for starting fights with him, for ignoring his warnings, for not listening to him when he talks, for being so insensitive about whatever he may have felt. I MISS HIM A LOT. All I want is a second chance. But I have to wait for the day he finally walks in our house again. I want to hear him talk about how his day was, I want to listen to him sing, I want to sing with him again while he’s playing his guitar or his ukulele. I can imagine him right now barging in the room to scare me and when he sees my “gulat face” he’d be laughing his ass off. I can’t wait to hear him laugh again. I’m so lucky I have a brother. He’s the best and he’s all that I could ever ask for. Despite the silly quarrels that turned into big fights that turned into grudges, I still love him. Yup.

Ahh I’m really having a hard time writing this because it hurts, and my throat’s starting to ache because I don’t want to break down in the middle of blogging because I know I would end up not being able to post this, UMM HELLO DUH SAYANG EFFORT… HAHAHA

Wednesday, August 21, 2013


write-up that was made months ago on my phone's memo, I don't know why I haven't published it yet. Dati pa to- hindi na siya applicable ngayon haha. I'm happy now. 

A month ago - RECOVERY

You can be good and broken at the same time. You can play fair then leave a tricky scheme for them to solve. You can smile in the morning then maybe cry at night. You can fly but then sooner or later you'd be looking for land and you'll be bringing yourself back to the ground. You can go on and still do good or maybe even better, still with a worn out piece of inner self. It serves as your motivation, and I call that recovery.

No one recovers with a fix self; what is the use of recovering when you've already moved on? I would rather think this way, that every day is a day of recovery and I'm in the process of feeling whole again.. not just good or better, but whole when there's no need to pretend. It gives me the drive to go on and do better every time I have the chance to. Thank God for recovery.

A month and a half ago? I guess - LONELY IN THE HAPPIEST WAY >


top & skirt from Bershka

Pattern consistency. Blogging consistency? I don't think so. I've been down and out from my fash blog for a couple of months. Same old reason- school and whatnot. It's okay though, since my priorities are all set. I'm just thankful that I still am holding on to my site. Been really buys with compiling requirements and reviewing in preparation for college. 


Bagyosyon - dahil sa bagyo, nagsuspend ng classes hanggang sa tinodo na until Friday (well ganyan kami sa Makati). Whoa there, so that's 9 days including weekends and last Friday. Bakasyon? More like, bagyosyon

Maliban sa grabeng pag-ulan dahil sa pagchichill ni Maring dito sa Pinas, sa pagbaha pati na sa main roads, at sa pagkalunod ng twitter timeline mo sa pagkauso nanaman ng, ano pa ang.. uhh.. ano pa? 

     We Filipinos are really out of the ordinary, we have this distinctive trait that is very evident at times like these. Ang pagiging masayahin nga naman, nakakahawa. Well if you don't get what I mean then let me sum it up this way: Ang Pinoy, kahit ano pang problema yan, kahit abot tenga na ang baha, mayroon at mayroon pa din yang mahahanap na rason para ngumiti at maging masaya. Tama? One more thing, bayanihan. Most of us are undeniably helpful to those who are in need; may it be politicians, celebrities, or maybe just ordinary citizens who are willing to lend a hand. Nakakatuwa, it never gets old and never will it be outgrown by time. Samahan mo pa ng prayers ng libo-libong Pinoy na hindi papaawat. "Prayer is powerful", this belief indeed strengthens us and binds us as one. 

Here's some Pinoy Humor for you guys, enjoy!

Disclaimer: I got these pictures from Rappler, credits to those who own the pictures. Here's the link I referred to:
Photo by Karen Yambao-Canlas. Emailed to Rappler by Mark William Canlas. 
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Photo from Facebook user Paul Quiambao


     Stay safe everyone! Tumulong hanggang sa kaya. Get enough rest din, habang wala pang classes and may oras pang matulog, hehe. Hashtag nakakatamad kasi gumawa ng school related stuff pero stay productive as much as possible, onting push lang yan ok bye 

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