Friday, July 12, 2013

shadow days are over

When you've already found yourself and you've come to understand why are things the way they are, then it would be easier for you to adjust, possibly in any circumstances. No one said it was easy, maybe because no one has finally found the answers to the "why"

It's just a matter of putting your mind in a state where you have full trust that everything's going to be okay, set your heart at rest for a moment and think of the many positive outcomes that may come your way. Well what makes it easy for me to say these things..

Never was it a piece of cake and a cup of coffee, for me it was always constructing the most complicated infrastructure for the city. I am not that of an artist, neither am I a skilled worker nor a person with enough interest in building things. I think of it this way, I am one of the countless beings in this world, therefore there are countless ways of building this structure and I've got one in my hands. There is a way out, one out of the countless ways.

My optimism always gets me through, my trust in God and the drive that makes me want to live tomorrow like it's brand new. I'm not gonna lie, I am at times a hypocrite of such. I may say that I am positive right now, and maybe I may not be tonight. My point is, I'd love to take note of what I'm feeling at the moment, to remind me sooner or later when I read this again that this feeling existed therefore giving me hope that I may feel this way again. Call it a strategy, a therapy or whatnot, but this is how I like things to be done and remembered. Written.

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