Sunday, May 12, 2013

Better Days

Believe it or not, almost everything's thrifted. Except for the hot pink wedge given to me by grandmom (hi mamu!) from Cali. 

Better days. There are days better than any other days. When the sun touches the right places on your skin, right after the rain, then there comes the rainbow that doesn't end with a pot of gold but lands on your feet. 
I had a tough week, and I never thought that I could still see the better side of the struggle though there always is. I swear, there always is. You just have to let it pass, scan through your thoughts and feels and try to understand yourself and what you really want. Change some actions, and I'd love to wear my heart on my sleeve this time. I'm thankful, because this week was also my best. After falling down, I've got myself back up and dang life is so friggin good <3 

Thursday, May 2, 2013


A shirt I've never used for ages

add an inch before you cut the sleeve

Fold outwards (desired length)

start cutting the vertical lines :)

There you have it!

you can never have enough tank tops for the summer heat :)

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