Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Footprints of Faith (17th SPC LTC)

     First day of congress. This is when butterflies start rummaging in your stomach. Registration started as soon as we finished settling our luggage inside our room on the second floor, luckily near to the convention hall. It has been an annual tradition for us Paulinians from Makati to join the congress, and this was my third and last (aww). I wrote my name, as well as my friends' under the Socio-Civic group and by that time, we still didn't have that much of an idea of how that would work. We were scanning faces, some were familiar and the others were pretty much pleasing (more butterflies) - if you know what I mean. We were looking forward to the Fellowship Night wherein delegates would present a performance in front of everyone that would represent the culture of the place you're from. Now here's what we're good at- nope not the performance, but the last minute planning. So our presentation went something like this.. 

"Claire's intro. The "techy students" scene. Kirk's mash-up that went great (Thank you Ate Gay for the inspiration). Pitch Perfect's Treblemakers inspired cheer. "It's alright, It's alright, It's alright, It's alright, It's alriiiiiiight, Bright lights in Makati Cityyyyy. We're from Makati City, everytime you need our help just tell it to us, we're here to be your friends, we're from Makati-katikati Makati-katikati awoooo, we're from Makati City!" Cheers to you who sang it in the tune of Bright Lights Bigger City and Magic. *clap clap*

     Day 2. We had this activity in the convention hall where we were asked to find people among the 900+ of us having the same name. There were tons of lucky Annes, Isabellas, Marias, etc. and I'm an unlucky Kamiya. They also asked those with unique names to come up on stage, I was then with my friend Raia. I enjoyed the view from up there, that was when I realized that being with all of these Paulinians in one Leadership Congress was beyond epic. After lunch, we had the first and second breakout sessions. We were given an ID, with your name and group (Holla to you Gs!). I was classified under G1 which was a subgroup, then we had some activities and sharings. I met new friends, and this is the point in my blog post where it will all go cheesy if I still continue it so let's move on to the Talent Night. Kirk was our representative, there was no doubt that as soon as the spotlight was on him he was already ready for his mini concert. 

     Day 3. JUMP IN! Meeting all the other Socio Civics. I belonged to the 2nd subgroup, Lester as the Prime Minister and Erika as our Secretary. We had to create a feasible project regarding Child Labor, and I bet that was the hardest of all. Everyone had their own ideas and thoughts about the topic, the report was presented in front by Lester the Prime Minister from St. Paul Buug. Day 3 ended fast, I wasn't able to finish the second part of the Talent Night. Unfortunately I was having cramps. Hashtag girl problems. 

   Day 4. OUTBOUND! St. Paul College San Rafael- REALLY HUGE CAMPUS. They have this Learning Ville, lakes, mini zoo, fishing spot, butterfly garden, and more. We had our Amazing Race there, and I was again with my G1 groupmates. The facilitators were really friendly. Nothing got in the way well aside from me being a grumpy old sunburned lady walking around the stations. Oh and yes, I was that girl who tripped and fell on her knees right at the start of the race. Cool right :( my knees got bruised but it's okay. Totally. Summer isn't summer without sunburns, right? I had fun under the sun though, even though we weren't able to finish all the 32 stations well the Amazing Race was the best summer kick-off I've ever had. Way to go for my summer, it's going to be a blast! Thank you G1 for making this experience awesome. 

Our last night in SPCP. Fourth day of congress, our last night. The last breakout was within schools so I was with my congress mates. We had the Igniting of Candles that night, each of us lighted a candle that signifies the ignition of our passion and commitment as leaders, servant leaders. The sight was, amazing. It gives you feels, that each and everyone of us were connected in a way where the beam that was coming out of our candles were lighting up the night sky. We've got to celebrate right? Last congress for us incoming seniors, last night, last, last, last. It was sad, for a moment. Pizza night! PERFECT. Together in one room, we were just kids with pizza slices. Leaders with potentials. Teens that had the time of their lives. This will forever be a memory worth keeping. 

Day 5's missing, I realized that my camera lasted for almost 5 days without the recharge, so it gave up on the last day. 

There's something more than everything that I have already mentioned. I was in the company of the best people I could ever spend 5 days with. We were the YOLO-est. Congress mates, you know what I mean by this. All of our crazy adventures were too many to be mentioned here. We were the craziest crowd, we just had to have the fun while the chance is right in front of us. I'll surely miss this kind of fun. 
#SENBEH ;) Haha go Claire! I mean.. Darna 

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