Monday, July 9, 2012


Red DKNY Bag
Red thrifted top

"You've got to love what you do for you to succeed. You have to be passionate about it, give it all you've got."

Red as tomato, cute huh :) It's really scorching in Manila, and sometimes the sun's not up but the air is really humid. Hmm and tank tops should always be ready in your closet, prepare it for emergency reasons. You know, when the weather suddenly makes you sweat. Though I'd rather wear something really comfortable than something that has a very thin cloth. That's why you should choose your clothes wisely; don't just buy it because it's trendy and it physically looks lovely but also check on the material. You have to make sure that it's durable, the quality wouldn't make you wear your garment no more. For me, this top is a comfortable and pretty piece. Actually, I was thinking about doing a pin-up-sailor-inspired outfit since the top could match with something navy blue. Since I wasn't certain about that specific match and I still don't have any (I think) I went with this ALL AR-RED *haha* chic look.

Keep in touch guys, Tell me what you think :)
- Kam


  1. i like the shoes.. where did you get them?

    1. People are People, the brand is Syrup :)


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