Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Thoughts from the Suitcase: STUDENT

You're on your way home, drained and exhausted because of the endless work in school. You're thinking about the jokes, the laughs you've shared with your best pals. You're looking back to all the questions you've answered incorrectly, the chances you've missed, the opportunities you've taken for granted. Probably replaying problems you've worsen, the puzzles you've solved, those you've comforted, those you've hurt. It could be the pricey pen you've just bought and is now nowhere to be found, maybe you've strayed away from a relationship, or maybe today was the day you looked into someone's eyes and saw nothing but fireworks. What happened in school? Friends, foes, studies, studies, studies.

*segway moment* It's evident that this is not any fashion related post that I usually put here in my blog. Even though I've taken the road of shoes and sparkles, that doesn't mean I've lost the part of me where I could write about life, my life in particular. I'm hoping I will not just release my thoughts or pop those bubbles on top of my head, but I also want to relate to other people: students, like me.

It seems like my bag was going to swallow me alive. It's been hours and I still haven't decided on what to do first. Have you ever felt that way too? Ugh, oh boy if only I could care less about my studies.

You know what cheers me up? All those things that I've done right for the day. Thinking that even though "great" wasn't the word to describe it well at least I've done my best. I've learned from my experience and next time, I would improve. For me it doesn't matter if it would take months, as long as I'm learning and the progress is worthwhile. I've learned these perspectives from different kinds of people. Teachers, speakers, students, and strangers. A speaker named Rissa Kawpeng said that "You cannot climb without stooping down" which is true- try going up the stairs without looking down to see where you're walking, you'd fall right?

Just believe in yourself. Believe that your best can take you far. Most especially trust God, for He will stay by your side, cheering you on. His words will light your path and strengthen you in His own way. In every struggle that you face is every lesson that you learn.

Now, don't go dragging your bag down the hallway; pick it up and carry it with confidence- not too much though. You have done your best, welcome the positive vibes with open arms.

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