Sunday, July 22, 2012

Settle Down

Boots: ZARA

Messed up lighting

Pretend Heels

I wore my boots day, all because of the weather. It's really cold and stormy! No choice but to shoot indoors. I just did that DIY Collar last night, I was so bummed about a new outfit post because I haven't posted one in a while I've been really busy with school, exams and performance tasks. I'm really into vintage right now, and I'd like to be more sentimental and expressive with my outfits. When it's cold and stormy, you have to be extra comfortable with what you're wearing. Don't forget the sweats!

If you have any suggestions and recommendations on editing softwares/sites that I could use to make my photos look more vintage looking, please comment below and suggest some links. :) I'm actually planning on buying a film camera, tell me what you think!

Do you love Ed Sheeran? I've been playing his songs over and over for the past week and I'm thinking whether I should blog about it or not.

One more thing, um I'm saving up for good fashion magazines like Preview and Vogue. If you know good ones that are being sold here in the Philippines, you know what to do. I love hearing feedbacks from you guys,

Keep in touch!

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