Sunday, July 1, 2012

Forest Minded

Pearl brown collar necklace
Pastel blue top
Teal green asymmetrical skirt
Shoes: Charles&Keith

Looking down. Boo awkward fingers

I love this shot! <3

 It's actually my first time to wear an asymmetrical skirt, not bad :) I'm actually loving this piece because it's the kind of cloth you'd love to rub your face on.. *what the heck moment* Yeah, just like what they do in commercials. 

Something new..
A little background about the shoes that I'm wearing.
Well yeah most of the heels/wedges that I'm wearing aren't mine, they're my mother's. Since we have the same size and likes she'd rather buy a pair for the both of us, and that's how I save money. Haha! Well this one is a special pair, I've worn this for 2 consecutive months (during Sundays) back when I wasn't running a blog yet. It's been part of my growth as a person, and as a potato.. *tears*

My second favorite shot for today

Earth toned outfit
Don't you just love it when the sun is up and the weather is yours to enjoy? I love it when the sun shines bright, not too hot, air's not to humid, and the wind is chilly! I found another good place to relax, right where I attend Mass, really coooool :)


  1. Your bag is lovely. :) Where is it from? :)

    1. Borrowed it from mom, she said it was a gift from her friend. :)

    2. Oh, it sounds to me that your mom is stylish.

  2. hi dear, love you stlye!
    im following you now.
    mind to follow back? thank you :)


    1. Thank you! I followed back :) Lovely blog! <3

  3. Love your skirt!


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