Sunday, July 29, 2012

DIY Black Uneven Hem Tank Top

STEP 1: Get your old shirt and lay it flat on the floor/table

STEP 2: Using a tank top, trace the outline so you could make sure that the tank top you're going to do will fit you perfectly.

STEP 3: Cut it out using the outlines you've traced.

STEP 4: Fit your top and mark how short you want the center part to be, connect it to the corner on the side most part of the garment. Fold it so that it's even with the other side when you cut it.

STEP 5: Cut it out and make the final adjustments!

You can jazz it up if you want! In my case, a plain blank top would be perfect. I recycled my own plain black shirt because it's been in my closet for years and It wasn't even that useful. Now I could wear it with a maxi skirt, even a mini and it would look perfect with jeans and denim shorts. Cute eh? I might add a ribbon on the center, or maybe pockets on both sides. Hmm?

Tell me what you think guys! I'd love to hear your ideas :)
-- Kam <3

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