Sunday, July 29, 2012

Cold & Windy


Guess what? That black tank top is my latest DIY project! Refer to the link above to check it out. Try it yourself and share it to fellow DIY enthusiasts! :) 

The belt is really vintage. Mom said she kept it for almost 10 years. 
It's still stormy here in Manila! The weather's unpredictable and it's been turning gloomy and glad for the past days. Weird weather huh! Though I thank this weather today for giving me a chance to wear this coat. 

It's actually for winter.. but it's already too cold and windy outside! Hmm I pray that the weather may not cause any harm to those living in the mountains, or river side, that people may be safe and away from dangerous floods, and that they find shelter in the arms of their fellow countrymen.
I look so serious! Haha, I'm actually slowly changing my mood in my blog. I'm trying to relay a more sophisticated aura in here, can you feel it? Lol I love my outfit today, and if you do too, tell me what you think!

I'd love to hear your ideas!
-- Kam <3

1 comment:

  1. Great outfit my princess. You are simply the best-mom


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