Saturday, June 30, 2012

Details on Trends: Now and then

Deciding on what to blog about on a Saturday night is a really cliche job for a tired little kitten like me. I've had a really tiring day and my fingers are too idle for me to still blog about what happened today. Anyway, I was scanning through clothes, magazines, books, random thingymajigs, and TADAAA!! *light bulb moment* I saw theses three accessories I recently bought and as I was looking at some, I noticed how the details on these trends differ from each other. I also chose 3 of my favorite accessories 2-3 years ago.. Yep, back in the days when I still wasn't that trendy. Seriously, I would just grab a top and an old pair of jeans/shorts from my closet and BAM! I now have an outfit.
Okay. Let's proceed, yes?


Now- Vintage trend. Who doesn't love vintage? Polka dots, collars, pearls, and huge details! Basic colors (mostly pastel colors) What I love the most about the rising vintage trend is how they could really ensemble and add a lot more impact to your outfit. 

Collar necklace

Marble necklace

Bendable (wired) Bracelet/Ponytail from TRUNK SHOW
 This one is my favorite, a really pretty vintage bracelet that you can also use as a ponytail. I've seen a lot of these kind of DIYs, oh boy am I excited! 


Then- Still the Vintage Trend except for the pink beaded bracelet. This trend focused more on the 'pendant', with the simple 'old looking' chains. I noticed how it was drawing attraction not as a whole, all the attention given to the piece since the chains were just simply "chains". These are perfect for simple tops; a printed/detailed top would make it really confusing, and the pendant would be harder to identify (especially when you are particular about details. Though this trend is still not behind our backs, I could still call it trendy. 

Vintage necklaces (both gifts from friends)

Pink beachy beaded bracelet (got it from mom)

Yup! That's it. Good thing my mind was able to contain everything, haha. I'd be posting more opinions/trends/and details on details to widen my blogging horizons. I wouldn't want my blog to be limited to just outfit posts and updates, well sharing thoughts about 'what's new' would be nice, don't you think? Tell me what you think about the writing style I'm currently working on. Don't hesitate to comment, thanks! :)


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