Sunday, May 27, 2012

Hiding my heart away

Cat top
Mom's bangle
Charles & Keith Heels

I am seriously in love with these heels! It fits my size perfectly. I'm loving the design and I can't wait to wear them again :)

There goes mommy's bangle! A touch of nice gold and brown, perfect for my outfit. <3

I adore cats as much as I love blogging! I got this top from an exchange gift in school last Christmas. Since our teacher allowed us to have our own wishlist, I took the opportunity to ask for "cat stuff". Luckily I got this top that came with a cute little red wallet that has a cat printed on it.

It's all about taking risks and stepping on new perspectives. Going out of my shell isn't as easy as it looks, and right now I could say that I'm still peeping out. There's more of my imagination that I want to come to life and I am still gathering up the guts to get rid of all my fears and hesitations. I was afraid of standing out because I was as shy as a newly groomed pup, and I realized that I shouldn't be hiding from anything. As days pass, I'm learning to break free and I'm slowly adapting to my new perspective. I am welcoming changes with open arms, and I know this is one giant step towards reaching my dreams!

Much love, Kam  

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