Sunday, May 27, 2012

Give yourself the gift of limits :)

I've learned a bunch of things from today's talk and I'd love to share it to you guys :) Have a blessed Sunday everyone!

From: The Feast, PICC - Bro. Bo Sanchez (Credits to Bro. Bo, he's such a wonderful speaker) 

If you're a human being, you must have limits. We all have limits! We're limited by space, time, and responsibilities. Let's all admit the fact that sometimes we feel like we've got so many burdens on our shoulders, and that's because we carry the responsibilities that God doesn't want us to carry. Boundaries are very essential for us to know our limits. Boundaries are your self definition, that prevents bad stuff from entering our properties. Imagine your boundaries as fences; fences prevent anything harmful to enter your yard! And that's exactly how boundaries work too because boundaries are your psychological fences. We all need a psychological fence in our lives.

Why? Because we should know our limits especially when it comes to responsibilities. You can't just do all the work, you have to delegate! The reason why you have bad habits because you don't value yourself, and the reason why you don't have fences because you don't value yourself. You cannot give what you do not have, you cannot love if you don't have love. Therefore, you need God's love to teach how to love yourself :)

4 Fences that are always broken:

1. Money fence
2. Body fence
3. Friendship fence
- choose your friends.
a. Nourishing friends - Spending time with them makes you feel happy and well.. nourished.
b. Negative friends - Spending time with them makes you feel devastated because of the negativity that they bring.
4. Helping fence - "Carry each other's boulder (Galatians 6:2).. For each one should carry his own knapsack (Galatians 6:5)" Help those who can't carry their problems, not those who can but won't. Take your own responsibility, and that's how you mature. Do not try and save people from the bad consequences of their bad actions.

When you help others, don't forget to help yourself.. Do not kill the goose that lays the golden eggs. When you serve, do it as a team and delegate.
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