Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Hello everyone! One thing I love doing when I'm bored is making DIYs. Last Monday, I made this DIY DENIM VEST out of a denim jacket I got from Baguio City. I can't believe it, it's been with me for almost 8 years now! Since I can't wear it as a jacket anymore because the sleeves are too small for my arms, I decided to transform it into a vest. It has floral prints at the back and a little in front, making it look more vintage!

Cut the sleeves
* Start by cutting a small hole

* Then cut through it using your scissors

 Bleach it! You can bleach it any way you want. (Use rubber bands, do sectioning, whatever) 
 I made my vest shorter. (optional)

Also, I sew the sides so it would be really fit. 

 This part is my favorite! To make use of the excess sleeves
I removed from the jacket, I cut 2 strips of denim and..

 I tied them into the holes where the buttons go on the side pockets in front :)

FIN <3

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Give yourself the gift of limits :)

I've learned a bunch of things from today's talk and I'd love to share it to you guys :) Have a blessed Sunday everyone!

From: The Feast, PICC - Bro. Bo Sanchez (Credits to Bro. Bo, he's such a wonderful speaker) 

If you're a human being, you must have limits. We all have limits! We're limited by space, time, and responsibilities. Let's all admit the fact that sometimes we feel like we've got so many burdens on our shoulders, and that's because we carry the responsibilities that God doesn't want us to carry. Boundaries are very essential for us to know our limits. Boundaries are your self definition, that prevents bad stuff from entering our properties. Imagine your boundaries as fences; fences prevent anything harmful to enter your yard! And that's exactly how boundaries work too because boundaries are your psychological fences. We all need a psychological fence in our lives.

Why? Because we should know our limits especially when it comes to responsibilities. You can't just do all the work, you have to delegate! The reason why you have bad habits because you don't value yourself, and the reason why you don't have fences because you don't value yourself. You cannot give what you do not have, you cannot love if you don't have love. Therefore, you need God's love to teach how to love yourself :)

4 Fences that are always broken:

1. Money fence
2. Body fence
3. Friendship fence
- choose your friends.
a. Nourishing friends - Spending time with them makes you feel happy and well.. nourished.
b. Negative friends - Spending time with them makes you feel devastated because of the negativity that they bring.
4. Helping fence - "Carry each other's boulder (Galatians 6:2).. For each one should carry his own knapsack (Galatians 6:5)" Help those who can't carry their problems, not those who can but won't. Take your own responsibility, and that's how you mature. Do not try and save people from the bad consequences of their bad actions.

When you help others, don't forget to help yourself.. Do not kill the goose that lays the golden eggs. When you serve, do it as a team and delegate.

Hiding my heart away

Cat top
Mom's bangle
Charles & Keith Heels

I am seriously in love with these heels! It fits my size perfectly. I'm loving the design and I can't wait to wear them again :)

There goes mommy's bangle! A touch of nice gold and brown, perfect for my outfit. <3

I adore cats as much as I love blogging! I got this top from an exchange gift in school last Christmas. Since our teacher allowed us to have our own wishlist, I took the opportunity to ask for "cat stuff". Luckily I got this top that came with a cute little red wallet that has a cat printed on it.

It's all about taking risks and stepping on new perspectives. Going out of my shell isn't as easy as it looks, and right now I could say that I'm still peeping out. There's more of my imagination that I want to come to life and I am still gathering up the guts to get rid of all my fears and hesitations. I was afraid of standing out because I was as shy as a newly groomed pup, and I realized that I shouldn't be hiding from anything. As days pass, I'm learning to break free and I'm slowly adapting to my new perspective. I am welcoming changes with open arms, and I know this is one giant step towards reaching my dreams!

Much love, Kam  

Monday, May 21, 2012

My DIY cutoff/bleached shorts

Zara (red) and Bayo (peach) top
DIY cutoff and bleached shorts

I never thought that making your own cutoff/bleached shorts will take days to finish. Haha, no not really I was just too paranoid about the bleach so it took me 2 days to try it on. Anyway, I actually wanted it to be longer but once you've cut it you can never put it back again. 

Here's a tip, make sure you don't use a marker to mark your measurements! My bad, I'm too stupid to not know that markers aren't removable when it comes to denim. That's why I had to fold it to hide that hideously drawn disturbing line. Cheers for the first timer :)

Friday, May 18, 2012

You can. :)

Life Savor

You know what, relax. Everything that you want and need is already within you. You have all love that you need, it's there! The only thing that will fill the bottomless pit of worthlessness is.. WORTH. You can't ask for worth, because it's already within you. You will never discover peace if you don't discover that you are a person of great value. :) God loves you!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

I do believe!

Blunauta Italian blazer
Zara vintage print tank top
Lee denim shorts
Solemate ballet flats 
I’m in love with those bright blue ballet flats! I bought it for an introductory price of P399 for 2! How awesome is that? I’ll be giving the other pair to my cousin, I’m sure she would really love it. 

The belt came with a blue dress, I just thought it would be perfect with the flats ^_^

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