Monday, December 24, 2012



3rd Year St. Augustine's Christmas Party

Redbox with my girls

Parties, celebrations, family bondings, prayer and worships, little talks that turned into spilled feelings, presents, reunions, dinners, Noche Buena, exchange gifts, night outs, Mass with the family, shopping, chilly days, freezing nights, confusing mornings, surprise visits!! <3, promising moments, Missing your friends, tearing out wrappers, cutting ribbons, accepting forgiveness, delivering gifts, sweet text messages, embracing changes, valuing time, forgetting about the end of the world, having faith, choosing clothes, mix and matching jewelries, overshadowing distance, new dreams, brand new days, brand new feelings, brand new December

and I'd like to thank those people who made my December something worth remembering.
To those who greeted, those who completed my wishlist, those who came back and promised to stay.
Cheers to all of you, I love you <3

Sunday, November 11, 2012


Shoes from Guam. The snake print in front is to die for! | Necklace from Forever 21. It's been a year since I last wore that one. Still good as new :) | Bag from States, simple and friggin classy

Life as it is - well it's been a while since I last posted a look post, and I felt detached from my oh so dear blog. Yeah it's never too late to recover, right? I've been summing all my priorities up and as much as I want to update and catch up to everybody out here, school is really on top of my list. 

Sunday, September 16, 2012


Aside form the double ring, I also did a studded case for my phone


Taken last Sunday, Manila Polo Club

I still don't know how to manage my time though. Well knowing that finding time to blog is really not easy when you're a student. :( Sad it is, but you gotta learn well from the days that pass and since you have to take control of your time.. err you gotta spend it well.

Sunday, August 12, 2012



Will you still love me tomorrow?

Current inspiration: Amy Winehouse <3

The sun is back here in Manila, it's shining real bright on us! This vintage dress is.. just wow. I love it and the more I stare at it, the more I'm falling for it. Haha, oh and the scarf is such a trend, way back from the "pin up" days and now it's here again. What do you think about the new trend? Tell me about it! <3

I'd love to hear from you guys,
-- Kam :*

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Let it be

Top: Zara
Jeans: Dickies
Shoes: Charles & Keith

My favorite comfortable top! 

This jeans were 'hidden' inside my closet. I was looking for something to Jazz up, then BAM.. I saw this jeans.

Seriously! The rainy season ain't over yet! Hmm. Oh well. Tell me what you guys think!

I'd love to hear from you guys,


Mom holding her phone

While waiting


(mom) Claim the Victory!

Guess who!!
Due to the weird and bipolar weather, I am now sick. I still have the energy though, but I'm starting to cough! *ehem ehem* err my throat hurts! :<

Have a blessed Sunday everyone!

Friday, August 3, 2012


Light Switch

Egg Pie

Egg pie from Max's bakery, yum!! c:

And I'm still hoping that things would go the way I want it to-

Brighter than a stormy day

There is always a brighter side, always


Sunday, July 29, 2012

Cold & Windy


Guess what? That black tank top is my latest DIY project! Refer to the link above to check it out. Try it yourself and share it to fellow DIY enthusiasts! :) 

The belt is really vintage. Mom said she kept it for almost 10 years. 
It's still stormy here in Manila! The weather's unpredictable and it's been turning gloomy and glad for the past days. Weird weather huh! Though I thank this weather today for giving me a chance to wear this coat. 

It's actually for winter.. but it's already too cold and windy outside! Hmm I pray that the weather may not cause any harm to those living in the mountains, or river side, that people may be safe and away from dangerous floods, and that they find shelter in the arms of their fellow countrymen.
I look so serious! Haha, I'm actually slowly changing my mood in my blog. I'm trying to relay a more sophisticated aura in here, can you feel it? Lol I love my outfit today, and if you do too, tell me what you think!

I'd love to hear your ideas!
-- Kam <3

DIY Black Uneven Hem Tank Top

STEP 1: Get your old shirt and lay it flat on the floor/table

STEP 2: Using a tank top, trace the outline so you could make sure that the tank top you're going to do will fit you perfectly.

STEP 3: Cut it out using the outlines you've traced.

STEP 4: Fit your top and mark how short you want the center part to be, connect it to the corner on the side most part of the garment. Fold it so that it's even with the other side when you cut it.

STEP 5: Cut it out and make the final adjustments!

You can jazz it up if you want! In my case, a plain blank top would be perfect. I recycled my own plain black shirt because it's been in my closet for years and It wasn't even that useful. Now I could wear it with a maxi skirt, even a mini and it would look perfect with jeans and denim shorts. Cute eh? I might add a ribbon on the center, or maybe pockets on both sides. Hmm?

Tell me what you think guys! I'd love to hear your ideas :)
-- Kam <3

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Settle Down

Boots: ZARA

Messed up lighting

Pretend Heels

I wore my boots day, all because of the weather. It's really cold and stormy! No choice but to shoot indoors. I just did that DIY Collar last night, I was so bummed about a new outfit post because I haven't posted one in a while I've been really busy with school, exams and performance tasks. I'm really into vintage right now, and I'd like to be more sentimental and expressive with my outfits. When it's cold and stormy, you have to be extra comfortable with what you're wearing. Don't forget the sweats!

If you have any suggestions and recommendations on editing softwares/sites that I could use to make my photos look more vintage looking, please comment below and suggest some links. :) I'm actually planning on buying a film camera, tell me what you think!

Do you love Ed Sheeran? I've been playing his songs over and over for the past week and I'm thinking whether I should blog about it or not.

One more thing, um I'm saving up for good fashion magazines like Preview and Vogue. If you know good ones that are being sold here in the Philippines, you know what to do. I love hearing feedbacks from you guys,

Keep in touch!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Thoughts from the Suitcase: STUDENT

You're on your way home, drained and exhausted because of the endless work in school. You're thinking about the jokes, the laughs you've shared with your best pals. You're looking back to all the questions you've answered incorrectly, the chances you've missed, the opportunities you've taken for granted. Probably replaying problems you've worsen, the puzzles you've solved, those you've comforted, those you've hurt. It could be the pricey pen you've just bought and is now nowhere to be found, maybe you've strayed away from a relationship, or maybe today was the day you looked into someone's eyes and saw nothing but fireworks. What happened in school? Friends, foes, studies, studies, studies.

*segway moment* It's evident that this is not any fashion related post that I usually put here in my blog. Even though I've taken the road of shoes and sparkles, that doesn't mean I've lost the part of me where I could write about life, my life in particular. I'm hoping I will not just release my thoughts or pop those bubbles on top of my head, but I also want to relate to other people: students, like me.

It seems like my bag was going to swallow me alive. It's been hours and I still haven't decided on what to do first. Have you ever felt that way too? Ugh, oh boy if only I could care less about my studies.

You know what cheers me up? All those things that I've done right for the day. Thinking that even though "great" wasn't the word to describe it well at least I've done my best. I've learned from my experience and next time, I would improve. For me it doesn't matter if it would take months, as long as I'm learning and the progress is worthwhile. I've learned these perspectives from different kinds of people. Teachers, speakers, students, and strangers. A speaker named Rissa Kawpeng said that "You cannot climb without stooping down" which is true- try going up the stairs without looking down to see where you're walking, you'd fall right?

Just believe in yourself. Believe that your best can take you far. Most especially trust God, for He will stay by your side, cheering you on. His words will light your path and strengthen you in His own way. In every struggle that you face is every lesson that you learn.

Now, don't go dragging your bag down the hallway; pick it up and carry it with confidence- not too much though. You have done your best, welcome the positive vibes with open arms.

Monday, July 9, 2012


Red DKNY Bag
Red thrifted top

"You've got to love what you do for you to succeed. You have to be passionate about it, give it all you've got."

Red as tomato, cute huh :) It's really scorching in Manila, and sometimes the sun's not up but the air is really humid. Hmm and tank tops should always be ready in your closet, prepare it for emergency reasons. You know, when the weather suddenly makes you sweat. Though I'd rather wear something really comfortable than something that has a very thin cloth. That's why you should choose your clothes wisely; don't just buy it because it's trendy and it physically looks lovely but also check on the material. You have to make sure that it's durable, the quality wouldn't make you wear your garment no more. For me, this top is a comfortable and pretty piece. Actually, I was thinking about doing a pin-up-sailor-inspired outfit since the top could match with something navy blue. Since I wasn't certain about that specific match and I still don't have any (I think) I went with this ALL AR-RED *haha* chic look.

Keep in touch guys, Tell me what you think :)
- Kam

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